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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Quantitative Face Fit Testing?
Remember fit testing is required for everyone who wears any type of tight-fitting mask at work. This includes disposable, half and full face masks.


How often/when must Fit Testing be undertaken?
Always conduct a fit test before a respirator is issued. This will ensure the choice of respirator is suitable. Fit testing must be conducted annually or whenever there is a change in the wearer's facial characteristics or other features which may affect the facial seal of the respirator. i.e. Excessive weight gain or loss and major dental work. A new or additional Fit Test is required if the wearer changes to a different make, type or size of respirator (including if they will wear multiple respirator types e.g. disposable and half face, OR half and full face

Can you test more than one person at a time?

Yes. Keys Testing Services own four portacount instruments enabling us to test as many as four people at any one time. When testing with 4 instruments we can achieve up to 16 tests in one hour saving you valuable time.


What mask information do I need to organise Fit Testing?
You will need to know the type, make and model of each mask worn in the workplace to ensure fit testing is appropriate and conducted for each mask a person will be expected to wear. Keys Testing Services provides a full range of test masks which can be used for selection and fit testing.


Can I buy respirators from Keys Testing Services?

Yes. Keys Testing Services are happy to provide very competitively priced respirators for all major brands (follow this link). Remember it is important to have completed a recent fit test so that Keys Testing Services can provide the make/model/size in accordance with the test(s) outcome

Can I hire Fit Testing equipment from Keys Testing Services?

Yes. Keys Testing Services can provide Portacount test instruments by the day, month or year.

Can my employees have facial hair when Fit Tested?

The short answer is beards (including stubble) NO. Some facial hair that will not interfere with the contact of the respirator to the face may be acceptable. For a helpful guide please follow this link

What is the difference between Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT) and Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT)?

Keys Testing Services provide QNFT because ONLY QNFT can test ALL masks. Further ONLY QNFT can test ALL people (up to 10% of the population are not suited to sensitivity based tests). Finally QNFT has the ability to provide real time feedback to the technician so that an absolute BEST fit mask per individual can be chosen!


What will I receive when my Fit Testing has been completed?

Every individual tested will receive a wallet sized fit test card and a one page Detailed Fit Test Report for each mask they were tested on. Keys Testing Services will keep a record for all of your employees which can be made available upon request. Keys Testing Services can also provide individuals with photographic test cards


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