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How and Who?

The Experience

With over 14 years experience delivering fit testing services and asbestos removal training throughout Australia Keys Testing Services are an industry leader delivering testing to the highest standard. Our experience of respiratory protection equipment is vast with detailed product knowledge of all types of respirators both disposable and reusable.  

The technology - Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT)

Quantitative tests can be used to fit test all types of tight-fitting masks including disposable, half and full face masks. Quantitative tests give an objective assessment of facial fit and provide a direct numerical result called a Fit Factor.

The quantitative method for Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fit testing is the Particle Counting Device method, a title ascribed to the TSI Portacount Plus. The Portacount Plus measures the number of ambient particles inside and outside a face piece and provides a numerical result which is the ratio of the two over a given test period.

ONLY QNFT can test ALL masks and ALL people. ONLY QNFT provides real time feedback to the trained fit test technician to ensure a BEST fit.


The People 

As a registered training organisation Keys understand that correct training is vital to your workplace. Keys Testing Services provide Fit Testing technicians who are qualified and who share:

•A comprehensive understanding of respiratory related health risks

•Industry experience - 20+ yrs working with the construction/demolition/asbestos and helth services industries

•Highly trained in the use of quantitative face fit testing equipment - 14+ years delivering respirator fit testing 

•The ability to help you establish an in house respiratory protection program

•Detailed knowledge of respiratory protective equipment across all makes and models


41 Nundah St
Nundah, 4012

We’re here for you when you need us! Contact Keys Human Resources Testing Services today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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